Epoxy Floor

Perfect for garages and basements

A Durable, Easy-to-Clean Solution

Epoxy flooring is ideal for garages and basements. Epoxy provides a durable surface that is easy to clean and resistant to damage from moisture, stains, grease and more. Epoxy can provide a clean, finished look to your basement or garage floor. It is typically installed over existing concrete, old and new. Precision Coatings prepares surfaces for installation by filling cracks, leveling uneven areas and cleaning the surface. Once the prep work is complete, Precision Coatings will apply the epoxy surface and leave it to cure. You will be able to walk on the surface in 24-48 hours and park on it in garage applications one week later. Epoxy floor lifespans can be up to 20 years based on the amount of use the floor receives.

Epoxy flooring provides a seamless floor solution. It is decorative and can even be installed with logos like your company logo or your favorite team’s mascot. Epoxy flooring adds value to your home.

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Epoxy Flooring Projects

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